Landscaping is not just your lawn, trees and flowers. It is your walkways, arbors, lighting, patios, decks and more. Landscaping turns a house into a home, it raises the value of the property and gives any neighborhood a touch of beautification that it once was lacking. Take the plunge and see what you could benefit from with simply redoing your property.


Walkways and Stepping Stones: Put in paths. It can be as simple as stepping stones or more elaborate hardscape, but give yourself a way to get around the garden to see your plants. A curved or winding path adds more visual interest, reduces areas that need to be watered and gives a sense of park like serenity.

Planter Boxes: Gardening in containers is a convenient way to add splashes of color and natural beauty to your environment. Container gardening has given a new meaning to the entire concept of gardening. It’s the perfect solution to manage your landscaping needs. Garden pots and planters offer an enormous amount of visual interest in both residential and business spaces. Landscape design ideas endless when you work with planter boxes.


Lighting: When properly deployed, your lights can do wonders for the atmosphere in your yard: highlighting key spots or providing an overall sense of warmth and wonder. It makes your yard more inviting, facilitating get-togethers or quieter evenings at home with your family. All of that comes along in addition to the most basic function of lighting: allowing you to find your way in the dark. An adequate lighting service can provide that basic function, but a good one – working in conjunction with your landscaping service and with a clear sense of what you want to achieve with the yard – can help make it so much more.

Plants, Trees and Shrubs: You can add color, shape and variety to your landscape by installing shrub designs underneath the shade of an existing tree. A three flowering shrub design will add multiple colors to your yard year after year and will flourish underneath the canopy of maples, oaks, or other shade trees.  You can create focal points to your yard by simply planting a shrub or flower between two trees. This is a great landscaping centerpiece that adds color to your landscape all year long. Utilizing different combinations of plants and trees offers a seasonal interest.

Fencing and Borders: Your landscaping can go from bland to bam with a simple edging. Providing borders and fencing not only creates a tidy look for the yard it can be used to reshape your property. Fencing design is as much about location and configuration as it is height and detailing. Due to the flexibility of fencing, it can take on virtually any alignment from long sweeping curves to small box like enclosures. Fencing can be a strong design element or it can be made to disappear into the background of the landscape. All these decisions are made by your landscape designer in the process of creating an overall site plan that is both attractive and functional.


Patios, Arbors and Decks: When it comes to landscaping the patios and balconies emphasize those views. Arbors typically mark an entrance or transition to a space; they can also direct visitors to a focal point and a fork in a path. An arbor becomes a backdrop for a bounty of blooms. A deep arbor offers enough room to shelter a small table and chairs. With plenty of screened space from above, pavers define a section underneath the structure. Romance comes courtesy of elegant accents, including this delicate, detailed candlelit fixture. There are varieties of decks that you can build on to your home, with our favorite being the bump-out deck. Instead of sticking with a basic square or rectangular deck, try bumping it out on one side. A bump-out can help a deck “settle” into the landscape and increase views.

Fire Pits and Barbeques: Fire pits are a great addition to landscaping because they can be manipulated to fit your aesthetics. They can be anything from stone to brick, from circular to square, from a pit to a fireplace. They are great for gathering around, having parties, telling ghost stories, or even roasting marshmallows. Barbeques have a similar feel as that of fire pits but are found to be a more daytime activity. Their designs open up your landscaping into home design as many create bars and tables off of their barbeques.


Pools, Ponds, Bird Baths and Waterfalls: When it comes to landscaping the overall idea is serenity and peace within nature. Most designers find that having a water source, no matter how big or small, brings delight to homeowners and a sense of calming. These can be simplistic bird baths made of stone or concrete design that can easily be in the center of a lawn or on the patio in the shade. Waterfalls have become a popular addition with their portability and there babbling brook like sounds that bring nature to you. Ponds have been known to be more eco-friendly as their provide life for different plant and animal species in comparison to a pool that give us supreme pleasure in the heat of summer. Both ponds and pools can be shaped to preference making them ideal for designers to edit with the clients taste.

So the next time you look out your window and don’t like what you see, think about landscaping a design you will love and you will be surprised to see how much time you spend outside enjoying it!