Golden Woods
29252 Lawrence Welk Lane Escondido

Golden Woods is one of the oldest wholesale palm tree nurseries in San Diego County. Surrounded by landscaped gardens, our Nursery has become a unique combination residence and business. Wanting the best looking landscape for ourselves has taught us much about what we need to make your garden shine. Premium quality plants make for a premium quality landscape.

Golden Woods prides itself on the quality of the plants. Our business philosophy definitely sets us apart from other nurseries in San Diego for a myriad of reasons:

Our California , full-sun grown nursery stock located just north of Escondido guarantees little or no acclimation time into your project. Many nurseries and home improvement centers sell cheaper plants imported from states like Florida and Hawaii. Their milder climate, high humidity and constant night temperatures allow for faster growth, hence the lower price. These plants as well as their “greenhouse grown” varieties look great in the store but after planting will “stall” for years or worse, simply die trying to acclimate to our harsher climate in San Diego.

Our deep water well provides the perfect watering program for maintaining our stock at its best all year round. No drought shock, no stress.

We are one of the only nurseries using 80% organic fertilizer from the “Live Earth Company” throughout the year. This approach is definitely more expensive than pure chemical fertilizer but we truly care about our footprint on earth and believe we have healthier plants because of it.

Our pre-ship method of treating our plants with anti-stress and fast acting liquid root energizers guarantee an easy, shock-free transplant.

Preparation of our specimen trees which have a more sensitive root system, such as King Palms, their boxes are elevated so the roots do not penetrate the ground. This means no cutting and no root loss. This may make the tree grow more slowly but there is no shock on shipping day and a guaranteed happy customer. This is but another success secret which sets us apart from other nurseries.

Because we offer so many advantages compared to other nurseries it explains why thousands of homeowners, contractors, architects, and nurseries have chosen Golden Woods for their plants and landscape needs. We would like to take the opportunity here to thank all of our loyal customers for enabling us to continue a successful business for the last 24 years.


  • - We’ve been in business since 1986 and definitely know how to grow healthy plants and give them the right care.
  • - We make our stock available to you 7 days a week and you will benefit from our wholesale prices. Everyone who has come has truly enjoyed choosing their plants and trees from our huge selection of different types, sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • - Having a landscape division in San Diego, we grow our palm trees as large as possible in the smallest containers without their becoming root-bound. The result is often a 36” box specimen in a 24 or 30” box. This keeps the price down and eases the handling. A big plus of this technique is access to areas where heavy equipment can’t go. Another money saver!
  • - Delivery, crane work, and installation is available for any of our products, and yours.
  • - After 24 years in business, we know almost every nursery in San Diego County, their owner and their availability lists. If there is something we don’t have, we can quickly locate it for you at one of these botanical partners.
  • -We offer a comprehensive referral program which includes our entire client base. We always have been and always will be appreciative of the referrals that have helped us to grow year after year.


  • - Not only do you benefit from all of the advantages that the homeowners have, please know that courtesy among professionals is really important to us. Discounted merchandise does not mean less service. We don’t appreciate it when it happens to us so we never let it happen to you. Time is precious. We get you in, loaded, and out as fast as can be without damage to your plants.
  • - We have a great discount program for all of you. You get a 10% discount for life after reaching our $10,000 break point and an additional 5% for any order over $10,000 and 10% over $20,000. Imagine an additional 20% off of our already wholesale prices. ( That’s $4,000 off on a $20,000 order! )
  • - As a wholesale growing grounds filled with mature trees you will be able to walk through any day of the week with or for your clients without interference from aggressive sales people and no price tags on the boxes. I can guarantee that your clients and you will have a great time in our unique surroundings.
  • - We offer the service to be hired as a sub-contractor for your installs giving you the capability to pass on our full 365 day warranty to your customers on every tree in a 24” box or over.