Golden Woods
29252 Lawrence Welk Lane Escondido

Landscape Design and Construction Process

Taking our place behind Mother Nature, we start by walking together, sketching, taking pictures, and discussing color themes and elements.

Take advantage of our years of design experience and see your project clearly described in full color renderings by our award winning in house artist / designers.

Your vision is important to Golden Woods. The professionals at Golden Woods will collaborate on ideas you have inspired by magazine clippings, sketches, your landscape architect or Golden Woods will create an original design for your project. We will then use a painting tool in the areas you wish to address.

Once the general ideas and theme are in place we will return with measuring and layout tools to complete the design, on the ground, for your approval.

Once you have approved the completed layout we will then take the elevations and begin the actual construction of the drainage, irrigation, gas lines, and electric lines as required.

Being one of the oldest leading landscape contractors in San Diego County, our reputation and versatility has offered us the opportunity to collaborate well with many of our local pool contractors, landscape architects, and general contractors.

We know how to orchestrate a project in a way that brings out the best in everyone. A discouraged participant on any job is not likely to do his or her best.

We are almost always the first ones on the job and always the last to leave. We are happy to lend a hand to the other contractors and 99% of the time we manage the entire project. Another worry is off your shoulders.

We will then simultaneously begin the masonry and underground work. Once the underground work is completed we continue the masonry and begin the hardscape of all patios, pathways, and driveways, using concrete or a myriad of types of preferred interlocking paver systems.

The key to successful landscapes are the drainage, the irrigation and the choice of plants and how you plant them. It is the foundation of your project and not the place to cut corners. Everything else can be tuned to fit your budget. Many people have yet to realize that for plants to survive here with our challenging soil conditions and climate that a perfect drainage system is paramount. For our irrigation components we use only commercial quality, self-cleaning valves. These are installed out of sight, out of the sun, underground, in heavy duty valve boxes. Our schedule 40 mainlines are always installed to code, a minimum of 18” deep and our lateral lines a minimum of 12”. This keeps the heart of the system running without accidental breakage from future plantings, digging, or lawn aerators. Because, just like you, we hate long and heavy garden hoses, you will have plenty of convenient garden hose connections designed into your project.

Now is the time to deliver and place your plants. Once you have approved their location we will plant them with our exclusive technique. After years of experimentation we have a developed a premium planting mix exclusive to Golden Woods Landscaping. Among other ingredients we add and mix ourselves, specific amounts of humic acids and root stimulators, not just a simple mix of soil, sand, and mulch like so many other contractors do. Along with this extraordinary product, comes a soil analysis, slow-release fertilizer tablets, a well balanced watering program designed specifically for you, and a full 365 day guarantee on all specimen plants. These combined elements are the jump-start your plants need for a successful landscape.

Now we come to my partner’s favorite part of the job, lighting. What we try to achieve with lighting is to give your yard a completely different look at night. What a pleasure to have a completely different feel to your landscape without having to move an inch. This is the magic of landscape lighting. We guarantee that we will find just the right fixtures and just the right location to create the unique atmosphere you are looking for.

Now, next to last, the mulching of the newly planted areas. There are many different types of mulch to choose from but we prefer black compost for many reasons. The contrast this dark mulch creates really sets off your new landscape. The fine grind in the preparation of this guaranteed weed free compost will, as it slowly breaks down, contribute to the aerobic activity in your soil. The moisture retention qualities and weed suppression when applied 2-3“ thick really make a difference. When it’s gone simply re-apply. Classic bark mulches are more expensive, turn an ugly gray, and need to be removed before a fresh application.

Turf installation is a sure sign that the project is nearing its end. Your dream yard is almost complete and yours to enjoy for years to come. Now is the time for a complete review of the irrigation sprinklers. Adjustments are made as needed and a total cleanup of your yard begins. We hose off any dust on plants or outdoor furniture, remove any tags from the plants, and pressure wash the base of your house, the walks, the patios, and the driveway. The project is ready for a final informative walk through accompanied by customized irrigation, fertilization, and pruning schedules. Everything you need for a smooth transition.

Supervision is key to the non-stop operation of every project. We see to it that there is a team manager present at all times. One of the owners will be on your site every day as well. This is something we are really proud of. We know that not many companies can make the same claim. It’s not fun to have dirt and dust as a part of getting your yard the way you want it. For this reason we train our teams to keep the jobsite clean, as though it were our own. Your project will have a Golden Woods trailer to keep our tools and parts organized. No parts or trash lying around and broom-clean at the end of every working day. These are just a few of the reasons why our customers appreciate us so much. Honest, clean, professional, and reliable is how our clients describe us. It is our mission to keep it this way.