Golden Woods
29252 Lawrence Welk Lane Escondido

San Diego is a great place to use StabiliGrid to protect almost any landscape. Stabilgrid can be used to replace almost any asphalt or concrete vehicular traffic surface - including public and private roads, streets, parking lots, bridge roadways, etc. You may consider it to be a military / commercial / civil / developmental grade of roadway product.

How it works . . . Load-bearing capacity: up to 70,000 lbs. per square foot.: Working on the ‘snowshoe principle,’ the grids disperse the weight of the vehicles or foot traffic over a larger surface area.

How strong was that? During installation, maintenance, or normal usage – earthmoving equipment, tractors, steamrollers or fully loaded dump trucks may be driven on top of the grids. The entire system interlocks, creating a contiguous, single structure upon the face of the earth: Pervious, yet Permanent!